Cryotherapy for Warts

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If the warts should be treated during pregnancy, cryotherapy appears to be the best option. Cryosurgery involves the use of nitrous oxide or liquid nitrogen (-196C) to genital warts, skin and inducing vascular damage and edema, leading to cell necrosis, both the epidermis and dermis. Liquid nitrogen is poured into a container with an applicator (cryoprobe) to a single cryostat. Liquid nitrogen is then injected until the wart turns white, indicating it is frozen, thaw cell lysis occurs later. Two cycles of freezing / thawing is usually done, but studies have not established the optimal number of applications. Discomfort is moderate enough so that anesthesia is needed. In fact, there are several other methods to perform cryotherapy. Liquid nitrogen can be applied directly to warts with a cotton swab stick. Cryosurgery can be used for anogenital warts that is accessible to treatment. The advantage of cryotherapy ease of application and the destructive impact fast. It can be especially beneficial in the treatment of large lesions, grouped in the lesions and lesions in their areas of bearing. No systemic side effects and only affects the tissues that are directly applicable. After cryosurgery, the treated areas require only local care and treated areas can be cleaned. Scarring is rarely significant. Pigmentary changes in the short term are not uncommon, but usually (but not always) normal. Genital warts on the skin, genital warts, especially flat, have a greater predilection for scarring and fibrosis after treatment. Healing usually occurs within 1-2 weeks after cryotherapy, although complete healing can sometimes over eight weeks. Based on a study of 34 pregnant women treated with cryotherapy, three to four courses of cryotherapy appears to be safe. Cryotherapy is effective. Tests show removal of genital warts recurrences in the aged 25-39 percent 79-88 percent, despite multiple treatments. Most warts cleared in less than three treatments. Cryotherapy is relatively inexpensive. The equipment required for office cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen Dewar vessel with a release valve and a cryogenic, which costs $ 1,000-3,000. However, this cure for warts is not always successful. In fact, warts can recur after the use of a common wart cure due to activation of latent virus is present in healthy skin near the lesion. Most patients require multiple warts cure warts treatments of a course of several weeks or months. If substantial improvements have not occurred after 3 or if the medical treatment of complete clearance has not occurred after 6 treatments, a treatment modality employed. For warts, treatment of HPV disease is used to treat locally applied to skin surfaces. Local skin reactions and pain are common side effects. Warts can be difficult to remove surgically, or burned. After surgery using acids or chemicals, you can expect a scar in that area. An all-natural topical wart cure – WartCure exhibits a wide spectrum of action against HPV, the virus that causes warts. Mata HPV offers a curative effect against warts. For warts, are not much better than cure WartCure. It was created to eradicate and cure warts and again. It is one of the most powerful and effective topical treatments for warts on the market. The results are guaranteed. It consists of certified organic medicinal plant extracts and certified organic anti viral essential oils that have been shown to kill HPV testing in the laboratory. WartCure The therapeutic effect is achieved through the rapid absorption into the skin. To cure warts need to act quickly in the skin tissue. Essential oils are lipophilic organic WartCure (absorb fat, such as the skin) and have a low molecular weight. This way you can pass easily into the skin and tissues in the DNA of the cell membranes in which attack and destroy the HPV virus. Furthermore, certain anti-viral plant extracts contain alkaloids, not essential oils, and mixed WartCure deliberately. This antiviral alkaloids are known to penetrate human tissue, which means that for warts, cures are almost immediately. For more information go to

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