Disadvantages of Nitrogen fertilizers

Published on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 by

Farmers use manure as a nitrogen source for crops and as a way to use them. Many also apply commercial nitrogen fertilizer, since there is no way to know exactly the amount of nitrogen in manure. This practice ensures that plants get enough nutrients to produce profitable crops. An unintended consequence is often too much nitrogen, rather than plants can use before it is washed in rain, snow melt runoff and subsurface drainage of surface water. Most of the nitrogen that eventually ends up in rivers and eventually into the sea, where you can create periodic blind spots. Marine animals or out of that lack of oxygen or water perish. According to the scientist Michael P. Russell, the use of manure to fertilize vegetables can help maintain crop nitrogen or water bodies. Pulses can capture nitrogen from the air with the aid of bacteria living in nodules on their roots. The bacteria turn nitrogen into amino acids that plants use to make proteins. The bacteria in turn get the nutrients and energy from plants. For this reason, farmers often apply fertilizers, manure or commercial for these crops. In this case, the damage caused by excess nitrogen in the atmosphere is reduced and if the pulses do not have enough nitrogen, which will begin making their own country. Russell suggests that fertilization should be done under strictly controlled conditions, the risk of contamination of soil and water. Through careful planning of conception, scientists are able to control environmental pollution, discourage the diversion of natural and commercial fertilizers. The use of research, scientists estimate that the crop nitrogen comes from nitrogen fixation and how much of it comes from other sources. This means that, while managers of watersheds and water quality experts will be able to capture scale maps used to determine areas suitable candidate for the application of manure to legume crops, farmers need more detailed information about their fields to use for optimal use of manure resulting in both production and water quality benefits.

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